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Freenom, the free domains website, is a scam.

130 days ago (55561 views)

Freenom is a website that allows developers to get domain names for free. Most domain names cost about $5-$20 but Freenom apparently lets you get the domain for free. I recently found out that the entire service is basically a scam and you don't own any of the domains you get. I wanted to warn any developer who has used Freenom or will use Freenom in the future.

When you get the domain, it will be added to your account but when your website starts to get a lot of traffic, Freenom will remove the domain from your account without notifying you and then put it on sale. You won't be able to get the domain back unless you pay a fee.

This has happened to a lot of developers online. Their Trustpilot is full of bad reviews. If you want a domain, honestly just buy one for super cheap from Namecheap or from your favorite domain provider.

Trustpilot Screenshot